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Looking for a reliable, risk sharing and cost efficiency partner of machined metal parts? Why not let Vietnam Outsourcing Pte Ltd help you. With a database of more than 2000 suppliers across the country and almost 20 years of footprint in the manufacturing industry, we proudly support and supply for more than 300 customers in the US and EU. Furthermore, with experiences and capabilities of logistics, English fluency and especially, engineering knowledge, Vietnam Outsourcing Pte Ltd is exactly a local partner you are looking for when considering outsourcing your valuable blueprint across the globe


CNC machining process

Is it not an argument that there is still a gap between Vietnamese CNC machining technology and our very close neighbour – China. However, the shifting of manufacturing outsourcing from China to Vietnam currently has led to a whole new horizon for the domestic manufacturer, which is deeply affect the development of domestic CNC machining process, which is widely and deeply included of: Turning, Grinding, Milling and Routing


CNC drilling Numerical Control Computer (CNC) Drilling for mass manufacturing is often carried out. However, the drilling machine is frequently a multipurpose machining center that spins and turns. With tool changes the greatest frequency sink is used for CNC drilling so that variations in hole sizes are minimized for speed.
cnc turning With live tooling, CNC Turning combines the capacity of both the lathe and the mill to manufacture components with metal rod cell characteristics.
cnc routing A CNC router is similar to a CNC milling. It provides the capacity to utilize a digital computer control to guide the machine to work. CNC routers minimize waste and enhance production by generating different products in a much shorter period than conventional equipment.

cnc grinding CNC grinding machines are machine tools that employ a revolving grinding wheel to remove material off of a metallic workpiece. Grinding machines are primarily used for hard-fine workpiece machining (parts). Because of the excellent surface quality that can be obtained, grinding machines are virtually usually used as a finishing procedure in modern industry.


cnc machine capabilities

Among Vietnamese market, CNC machines manufactured by Taiwan and China purchased from famous brands such as FANUC, MITSHUBISHI, etc., are quite popular among domestic manufacturers due to their suitable price. Even high-end CNC machines from developed countries such as Japan, Germany, etc. are being invested and imported on minimum quantity. Across the country, we have witnessed companies who already purchased CNC machines from world market leaders such as Amada Machine Tools Co., Ltd., DMG Mori Co., Ltd., FANUC Corporation, Okuma Corporation, Takisawa Machine Tool Co. Ltd., AMS Micromedical LLC, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, SINO and Haas Automation, Inc.

Variants of CNC system in Vietnam:

CNC vertical machining center
CNC vertical machining center w 4th axis
CNC 5 axis vertical machining center
CNC Lathe
Swiss-type CNC Lathe
Deep hole drilling machine
Drilling machine
Reaming machine
Lapping machine
Grinding machine (Surface, external, internal...)
Multi-purpose lathe machine
Vertical Lathe
Milling CNC machine
Circle external CNC machine
Wire cutting CNC machine

Take a look at a case study in which we help our customer and supplier overcome the difficulties machining brass product:
brass manufacturing in vietnam case study






Stainless Steel
Steel Alloy
Steel Mild Low Carbon


Vietnam as well as other countries are suffering the same situation of world soaring machining material price. Vietnam Outsourcing Pte ltd also shared a full article on this:




Vietnam government's vision

Vietnam's industrial development strategy to 2025 with a vision to 2035 The Government has identified three groups of industries to prioritize development, including the Manufacturing industry, Electronics and telecommunications industry. Which, the manufacturing and processing technology industry develop strongly, which is influenced by the development of CNC technology, specifically the application of CNC machining.

CNC machining technology 

Recently, CNC machines have begun to show signs of price stabilization and are easier to use. Therefore, many processing factories are interested in investing in this type of machine. The application of CNC machine systems has continued to expand into other areas such as 3D printing, laser cutting, waterjet, wood, plastic and glass. Manufacturers' efforts on optimizing to cut machine costs, or the desire of outsourcing companies to increase productivity, reduce labour resources are expected to increase the CNC machine market shortly.

Human resources

Vietnam's main advantage over China is the low cost of the labor force. While in major Chinese cities, the wages have surged, and manufacturers are struggling to stay profitable, the cost of labor in Vietnam can be as little as 1/3 of China's. For instance, the minimum wages in Vietnam can be as low as $125 in certain regions. With that in mind, wages in Vietnam are increasing faster than they are in China and, in some cases, are reaching parity.
In recent years, Vietnam is expected or considered by some as the 2nd Factory of the world, or the next Manufacturing Hub of the world after China; there are many driving factors behind this:
The labor cost in Vietnam is still highly attractive to many investors, the so-called “golden population” structure is perfect for the development of manufacturing industries.

Manufacturing costs

Mr Daniel Pham – Vietnam Outsourcing Pte, ltd has written a full article to explain this phenomenon, you can find it here : The Myth of Manufacturing Cost in Vietnam




cost control when outsourcing to Vietnam

With our office located in Vietnam, Vietnam Outsourcing Pte ltd can negotiate on your behalf in the local dialect ensuring the manufacturer and the factory workers understand your expectations while obtaining the best quotes and deals. Our Vietnamese agent’s support is valuable in terms of conducting factory inspection, verification of the supplier’s authenticity and ensuring the parts reach you on time.


Lead time when outsourcing cnc machining to vietnam

Controlling delivery timescales falls into two areas – production timescales and shipping times.
The only way to mitigate these problems is to develop a good relationship with 3 sides: Vietnamese CNC machining supplier,  shipping agents in both Vietnam and your home. Vietnam Outsourcing Pte Ltd can support you overcome this pain.


cnc machining product quality assurance

When sourcing from Vietnam, many encounter the difficulty of finding the right manufacturer or factories for machining metal parts. A specialised sourcing agent can step in here and help you opt for the right factory equipped with a range of tools, techniques and technology for precision machined parts. Our engineer experts help you find reliable machined metal parts manufacturers who are detail-oriented and who are willing to provide you with a sample for your evaluation before placing the order.

communication with vietnamese cnc machining supplier

Our staff member including QA, Engineering, Sales and Marketing are fluently in English.


The best way to protect IPR is to keep the important clever parts in the house. If you do outsource these parts make sure you do not choose a supplier in a parallel industry to your own. It is also worth considering using more than one supplier so that no one supplier holds all of your parts. It also helps if you are an important customer to your supplier as they will not want to do anything to risk losing your business.

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