Importance of quality assurance

Whether the number of products produced is 1 thousand or 1 million products, each product carries the entire technology and credibility of that company.
When a company's product is sold to a customer, it is a valuable asset to the customer
Even if 99% of the product is OK and only 1% is NG. But if that NG product is sold to a customer, to that customer 100% of the company's products are NG.

Quality assurance is:

Quality assurance that customers can rest assured to buy the company's products and feel satisfied when using that product can keep the product usable for a long time.
"Customers can buy with confidence, use it to be satisfied, and guarantee quality that can be used for a long time."

If quality cannot be guaranteed

"It takes many years to get credit, but credit is lost in a day."
Credit is the most important thing for a company

Currently production activities for Vietnam

It is necessary to build a system and mechanism to guarantee quality
If defective products are released to the market ... A system to protect users, such as compensation proceedings and free repairs, is related.

PL Law (Product Liability) = A system in which an accident can be litigated as being caused by a defect in the product or handling label ... Huge claim for compensation

Market measures Recall system, improvement measures system: The purpose of preventing accidents and protecting users
If there is a risk of non-compliance with safety standards and the cause is in the process of designing or manufacturing, notify the relevant authorities and repair the automobile etc. free of charge.

<Improvement measures> Although it is not in a state of non-compliance with safety standards, there is a risk that it cannot be left unattended for safety or pollution prevention, and if the cause is in the process of designing or manufacturing, notify the relevant authorities and repair the automobile etc. free of charge.

What is the change point?

Steady repetitive work



Image factors linked to change points

Changes are an unavoidable factor in factories, but the problem is: Is it processed and managed in the correct way?
Problems occur when the predicted change points are not handled in the correct way!


It is important to handle and manage the change points in the correct way!

Abnormal processing management

Abnormal handling of management regulations




First case example ②


Management precautions

When the manufacturing plan is changed, even if there are no abnormalities in the control items of the existing product, the items other than the control items change, and quality troubles may occur. In order to prevent this trouble, it is necessary to visually and tentaclely compare the products (actual products) before and after the change in the manufacturing plan and confirm that there are no differences other than the control items. After checking, if there is a difference between old and new, check with an expert to see if there is any problem. The number of items confirmed in kind is sampled in consideration of the size of variation.

Lot management points

1) Type of process management

① Material management (raw materials, outsourced processed products, purchased parts, etc.)

A. Prevention of mixing of different materials ... Matching of the actual product and the actual product slip at the time of acceptance, classification of storage location

B. Clarify lot classification ... Lot classification, lot history management (lot management)

C First-in first-out ... Principle of first-in first-out, flow management of acceptance / storage / delivery

(Prevention of deterioration, alteration, deformation, etc.)

Importance of lot management / first-in first-out



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