Quenching and Tempering process


Quenching process


Quenching process.

For low carburizing (SCM415, SCM420...)

- The temperature quenching : 830~850oC

- Use hot oil, the temperature of oil quenching 125~185oC.

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Use oil quenching.

- Choosing oil quenching depends on the requirements of the product to be precessed

- Carburizing use hot oil, the temperature oil quenchng 150 ±5oC, there are 2 types of oil

+ Daphne hi temp oil AM (Hardness and bright surface)

+ Daphne hi temp oil A (Hardness)

+ The heat treatment S45C steel  use cold oil


Oil quenching quality control

1. Kinematic viscosity

2. Acid number

3. Carbon content

4. The amount of water (water content)

 If the water content in the oil is too large, cause explosion due to steam generated

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Tempering process

To improve toughness, implement after quenching all the time

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Tempering temperature deciding conditions.

* Confirmation of working environment temperature. (At the temperature lower than the working environment temperature, steel turns soft during use.)

* Lower than the temper embrittlement region (250oC) (because parts strength decreases).

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