Hot chamber and Cold chamber Die Casting - The comparision

Die casting is an efficient manufacturing process used to mass-produce parts in a wide range of shapes, and these parts make their way into common items in our homes and workplaces

cold chamber die castingCold Chamber Die Casting Basics

Cold chamber die casting is a preferred manufacturing process for metals that have high melting points, and it’s used by most of the top parts manufacturers in the industry. Typically, this will include metal alloys of aluminum, brass, and copper. Cold chamber machinery requires additional equipment — usually an outside furnace and a ladle to pour the metal into the machine — for die casting. However, this allows the process to use materials that may be stronger and have versatile industrial applications.

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Understanding Hot Chamber Die Casting  hot chamber die casting

Hot chamber machinery contains the alloy melting pot as part of the machine itself and uses a gooseneck to inject material from the pot into the die. Internals of the machine pair the plunger and port to control how much-molten metal is injected into the die.

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Making Your Partner Choice

Selecting your partner for die casting and parts production comes down to your needs for cold chamber die casting and hot chamber die casting.

Start off by discussing your parts and the materials you want to use. We’ve discussed what metals and materials are available in each process, but your partner should be able to reiterate that during your conversation. Next, discuss the quantity that you’ll need and your timeframe because that may give you access to lower costs or can restrict partners based on their overall capacity.

You’ll also want to consider certifications and standards that your partners will meet and use. We recommend starting by looking for partners who are ISO 9001:2008 companies because they’re proven to have a strong commitment to customer care and product quality.


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