Most things broke in the middle


Middle management is the hardest job in any company/factory

  • When you are junior, your only job is to do your job. Sometimes your only job is to learn how to do your job. You are provided with training and guidance.
  • When you do it long enough, and if you are good enough, you will then be promoted to be responsible for the people who do the job you used to do. However, in most cases, you are not trained to do what you now required to do in the new position.

I’ve met factories where the leaders are amazing, they are hard-working, down to earth, technical expert. They also are ambitious, willing to learn, willing to invest. I felt filled with positive energy working with them. The Vietnamese workers are never the problem, they are all so hardworking, obedient, and creative.

However, in their factories, the working environment is tense, everybody can easily lose their temper. It’s either silence for violence whenever crucial conversations take place – as Joseph Grenny said in his book. Fingers start to fly when any problem happen without anyone willingly accept their own accountability. We don’t train people on how to lead or at least how to make the transition between just doing their job and taking responsibility for the others that do your job. So there was definitely a gap in the middle.

There are some other factories, they have some amazing middle managers, they are efficient in their job, work well with their staff, they learn and improve by themselves. However, they often complain that their top management only cares about money, yet don’t provide enough resources for improvement due to complacency..etc. In most cases, those middle managers won’t stay in their current position for long. Again things broke in the middle.

All organizations often face this problem sometimes along the way. After all your organization will only grow as fast as how your people grow.

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