Route for Vietnam Molding industry

The Vietnamese mold industry is a potential industry that is estimated to worth billions of dollars each year. If there is a specific route, the number of values ​​does not end there.
Route for Vietnam Molding industry

Between statistics and reality, there will be a slight difference. Therefore, it is necessary to rethink the problem of where we are weak and strong in Vietnam, so we can proactively propose the most appropriate development solutions.

The actual situation of Vietnam mold industry development

The existence of the Vietnamese mold industry is not in the early days. Because the needs in all fields need molds so mold making becomes an "industrial foundation" in our country. It can be said that a solid foundation can lead to rapid growth.
The actual situation of the mold industry is quite positive in the direction of actively developing growth year by year. According to statistics, as of 2016, the total value of the whole mold industry reached more than 1 billion USD / year (up 18% / year). And that number is constantly increasing in 2017 and 2018 to the first half of 2019 (Specific statistics are updating more).

In addition to the positive advancements of the Vietnamese mold industry, we cannot deny the existing limitations that hinder the rapid growth of the domestic mold.

What are the limitations? It is the level of manpower and technology. What the Vietnamese model still lacks seriously is the high-quality human resources.

Mold manufacturing is not a common mechanical industry. It is the industry of high technical automation, difficulty and absolute accuracy. Therefore, the requirements on the qualifications of workers must also be much higher.

Along with that is the problem of "technology". The technology transfer is still slow, asynchronous leading to the state of old technology and new technology. Technology is one of the major components of human resource proficiency. Technology and human resources are two basic factors to evaluate the processing capacity of a company.

On the other hand, the patterned enterprises unevenly distributed among regions are also one of the limitations causing the disparity in the development of the Vietnamese mold industry in general.

Solutions for developing Vietnam's mold industry
Based on the actual situation of the development of our country's mold industry together with studying the development trend of mold production technology in the world in order to offer a comprehensive solution to stimulate mold growth in Vietnam.

The orientation of the state
The State as the "Leader" for the mold industry needs to capture and build a clear development roadmap. In the big route, it is divided into small routes for easy management.

Department of Technology Application and Development - Ministry of Science and Technology has given detailed strategic directions for the mold industry.

Orientation of Molding enterprises
Mold businesses are the subject of development. It is necessary for the state to set the orientation as a common "framework", but enterprises must also take the initiative and plan for themselves. Each business will have a separate direction depending on the actual situation.

Certainly in the orientation of the business, it is still required to ensure two issues:

- Improve the level of human resources productivity  
- Transfer of new technology

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