The visit of the Vice President of the United States to Vietnam on August 24, 2021

The visit to Vietnam by US Vice President Kamala Harris is considerably special, being the first high-level visit of the second most powerful figure in the US to the region, taking place at a time when the US is implementing the India strategy - Pacific.
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Air Force Two landed at Noi Bai airport, Hanoi capital at 10 pm on August 24, starting the official visit to Vietnam by US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Since the establishment of the Comprehensive Partnership framework in 2013, the Vietnam-US relationship has increasingly expanded in terms of cooperation and depth.
Over the years, the two sides have regularly had high-level exchanges. Since the normalization of diplomatic relations, previous US presidents have all come to Vietnam. Vietnam also has many high-level visits to the US. This time, right in the first months of the Biden administration, Vice President Harris went to Vietnam.
US President Joe Biden is no stranger to the region and Vietnam. Looking back on July 2015, he was the one with President Barack Obama to meet General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong in the Oval Office of the White House. On the same occasion, President Biden hosted the reception for General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.
Since Biden became president, relations between the two countries have continued to flourish. In February this year, President Biden personally sent a letter to congratulate General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong on his re-election and congratulate the success of the 13th Party Congress. This is a very special story in the relationship between the two countries.
The two sides also have continuous consultations and phone talks, such as at the level of foreign, economic and trade ministers. Problems in the relationship between the two countries, such as the issue of Vietnam being labelled a currency manipulator, was stopped by the Biden administration for consultations between the two sides, leading to the State Bank of Vietnam and the US Department of Finance in July recently reached an agreement to satisfactorily handle the matter, for the benefit of both parties. Based on that agreement, the US trade representative decided not to impose any form of restriction on trade between the two countries.
The US attaches great importance to Vietnam's role in the region and regularly consults Vietnam on issues related to ASEAN, the East Sea, the Mekong, and the Indo-Pacific. Last April, President Biden invited leaders of 40 countries to a summit on climate change, including Vietnam. That shows Vietnam is an active country in climate change and the US attaches great importance to Vietnam's position. Before Ms Harris, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin had just visited Vietnam in July.
The relationship between Vietnam and the United States has grown more and more throughout history, both in terms of politics, economy, culture and national security. By the time President Biden continued that momentum and grew even more.

Bilateral and regional messages

The US Vice President's visit to Vietnam is quite special. This is the first high-level visit by America's number two most powerful figure. In Asia-Pacific, she chose Southeast Asia; in Southeast Asia, only 2 countries Singapore and Vietnam were chosen. It is clear that in the general message of the US about engagement with the Indo-Pacific, they attach great importance to Southeast Asia.
The White House announcement made on July 30 about this visit also made it very clear that they consider Singapore and Vietnam to be two of the most important partners in the Indo-Pacific for peace, security and prosperity and rule-based order. Vice President Harris' visit to Vietnam has both a bilateral relationship and a regional message.

During her visit to Vietnam, Vice President Harris is expected to hold talks and meetings with senior Vietnamese leaders, attend the opening ceremony of the America Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) office in Southeast Asia and some other activities.

With the bilateral relationship, the US wants to discuss a series of issues that the two sides can deepen, elevating the Comprehensive Partnership, emphasizing the aspect of cooperation in disease prevention and control, post-pandemic recovery, Sustainability of the supply chain…
Even the establishment of the CDC Southeast Asia office in Vietnam is a way to connect with Vietnam and the region. The two sides certainly share common regional issues, including views on a region of peace, security, prosperity and based on international law. Vietnam is also very supportive and has dual interests.
The Asia-Pacific region is developing dynamically and wishes all major countries and major political and economic centers to participate in construction cooperation here. To ASEAN and other countries in ASEAN, the US is a very important partner.
Perhaps the US will emphasize cooperation in overcoming supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic, cooperation on climate change, clean energy, combating sea-level rise, and liquefied petroleum gas.
Such a meaningful visit at a time when the US is implementing the Indo-Pacific strategy shows its importance to Southeast Asia in general and Vietnam in particular.
The US delegation this time not only came with commitments but also had specific initiatives and actions for the two sides to work together. Let's wait and see what the final results are after they have launched a series of initiatives in Singapore on cybersecurity, health, vaccines, space, supply chain ...

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