Trends in CNC machining industry 2020

CNC machining is still developing strongly in the manufacturing world, showing a rapid growth even between a series of competing technologies and a growing number of new entrants.
Even so, CNC machining is a vast ocean with many different interests and trends within it. With so many secondary technologies, it's hard to keep track of what the latest changes are, so here's our handy guide for recent developments in 2020.
Market outlook
xu huong gia cong cnc 2019 va trien vong thi truong

The overall CNC machining market is expected to reach US $ 100.86 billion by 2025. The compound annual growth rate of CAGR is 7.0% from 2019 to 2025. It is important to note that the Previous estimates from 2014 forecast 5.5% in the forecasting period 2016 - 2022, much lower than the reality as the past years. The increase in CAGR is attributed to necessity. In which increasing operational efficiency among different commodity manufacturers is the main driving force.

In general, the market is turning to prefer compact advanced CNC machines with automatic tool changeers and multi-axis machining technology. These multifunction devices are a hot commodity today with manufacturers.

More specifically, the CNC lathe segment leads the product segment in 2018 and is valued at US $ 17.65 billion, while the CNC milling machine is expected to be the second largest market, registering the CAGR 9. , 7% for the next six years. The increasing adoption of both machines is attributed to the ease of use they bring and their diverse capabilities.

Milling machines are also expected to evolve, though for reasons other than other CNC technologies. The milling machine segment has gained its share to reduce the operating costs it can provide. Similar CNC laser machines are expected to achieve growth in the forecast period (2018-2025) due to improved machining speeds and reduced labor force requirements.

Major players & Secondary technology prevail
The market for CNC controllers, while highly competitive, also focuses on three companies. With nearly two-thirds of the market held by Bosch, Mitsubishi and Siemens, there is a sense of certainty that these companies are the main players. Therefore, the demand side in this market is also very rigid. Suppliers are rarely converted due to investment in personnel training and the ability to move applications from one computer to another.
bo dieu khien may phay CNC 4 truc

It is predicted that the controller market for 5-axis CNC machines will grow at the highest CAGR from 2017 to 2023. Fierce competition in the automotive sector is popularizing the concept of high-speed machines. high accuracy with as few labor input requirements / as many automation as possible.

Data show a growing interest in Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD) tools and carbide tools over the past few years. This change is due to the need for durability, higher temperature tolerance and less vibration / clanging. There is also a trend towards smaller but more capable machines. This meets the need to use less floor space and the development of factories and machining workshops with diverse needs.

Industries and users
The highest expected growth rate comes from the automotive sector, expanding with the highest CAGR of 9.7%. Aerospace is another key growth area that has achieved revenue on par with the automotive sector. Growth in many sectors is expected. Including medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, government, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, packaging, general manufacturing and more.

CNC machine users are looking for devices with diverse functions. They are using CNC lathes to perform cutting operations, drilling, face turning. Similarly, growth can also be attributed to the rise of improved techniques such as computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-assisted outsourcing (CAM), enhancing the capabilities of manufacturers. to provide high-precision parts and components and increase the use of CNC machines in various applications by reducing costs, mass product processing and high performance. All of them promote the growth of the CNC market.

Increasing demand from the automotive, industrial, energy & energy sectors is expected to spur additional growth in the industry. This is compounded by the growth of mass production of embryos, from automakers, with minimal time and cost, which is pushing up the machinery requirements for mills and lathes.

Trends by region
Due to the increase in adoption in India, China, Japan and other countries in the region, Asia Pacific is leading the cost.

Another factor is the large manufacturers such as Okuma Corporation, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation and DMG Mori Co., Ltd. are based in these countries. Therefore, Asia Pacific is likely to remain a lucrative market and ready to be the leader in the next six years.
xu huong gia cong cnc 2019

Europe is also expected to grow as it is considered a major market for advanced technologies. The current barrier to defeating Asia Pacific in this regard is the barrier of high entry and lower investment in the market.

On the other hand, the US market is currently saturated with machines. One of the growth areas in the United States is the energy sector, due to the high demand for new alternative energy sources due to concerns about the backwardness of conventional energy systems.

That said, the United States is undoubtedly the highest ranked country in the global multi-tasking machine tool market. The increasing use of multi-tasking machines in the aerospace industry and high labor costs are major contributors to this trend.

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