Delivered by Morris Hua - CNO Technical Director. Based on his own experience dealing with foreign customers in China, Mr. Morris has shown a big picture for Vietnamese manufacturer about the way Chinese outsourcing manufacturers had been practicing for decades compare to the Western.
The first deference between China and Western is document delivery. In China, they deliver goods only when the Western delivers goods plus quality document

1. Specified required quality documents in the PO.

2. Acceptance inspection with documents review at first

For customers, if a quality document is no or not qualified, rejection will be issued directly no matter how good your parts are.


Gauge calibration in China is an optional action and only be done by request from the customer. It is also costly and time-consuming. However, in the West, all gauge must be calibrated within a certain period of usage frequency.
Keep auditing gauge control procedure & evidence to ensure all involved gauges are within calibration valid time. One time rejection can be worth many years' calibration.


China manufacturer considers material traceability a non-documental business where they can ensure the right use of the right material. However, Western manufacturer requires full traceability, each part can be traced back to its unique melt number, heat number...... for quarantines and recall efficiently.

1, Specify traceability requirements in the PO.

2. Traceability Procedure established by suppliers.

3. On-site audit to ensure actions effectively in a function

Recall all the batches or one good tracible batch, many companies bankrupt for one failure of traceability.


No manufacture process os process as simple as possible, quality ensured by skilled or experienced workers. That how they do it in China. However, in Western, Good and detail manufacture processes can ensure consistently produced parts no matter who the operator is.

1. Manufacture Process established when sample making.

2. Any change of the process must be approved from the sample under the revising process, sometimes by the inner system, sometimes by the customer.

The process keeps revising for competitive and consistence producing. Century enterprise is generated from this system.


In China, some parts are in the upper limit and some parts are in lower limit but in the West, a tolerance specified is for suppliers to choose a point for consistently producing.

1. Machining datum must be set up and maintained in strict tolerance to ensure followed dimensions accuracy.

2. Tooling or cutter's weariness must be put into consideration when designing a machining process.

The consistency requirement will improve the level of the supplier level.


In China, Dimensional features take high priority note or remarks are considered not important while it is the opposite situation in the West

1, All features must be included in especially non-dimensional features.

2. The inspection plan has the non-dimensional features in FAIR form.

Currently 80% rejection due to non-dimensional features.


Gauges are randomly pick up to inspect in China while the Western inspect gauge with a consistent rate.

1. The gauge used for any features specified in the FAIR form.

2. Special gauge like plug gauge, the self-made gauge is introduced in inspection to improve consistent inspection.

Rejection happens very frequently due to the difference inspection method between customer & suppliers.


While Subcontract control is part of the manufacture process, accountable with the supplier is critical to the West, it is the opposite situation in China.

1. Subcontract work must have PO issued, including technique detail specified as an attachment.

2. Qualified supplier audit have sub-contract control included in

Sub-contract becomes a challenge and main issue during manufacture in past years in China


Surface finish is not so important as functional features in China, however, In the West, Parts must maintain it's brand new status when acceptance on the customer's site. Rejection will happen if surface defects found.

1. Manufacture process must have surface control included such as inner transportation between machining steps.

2. Acceptance inspection has a surface finish item list.

Good quality not only inner, but outlook express also included.


Last but not least,  Packaging is a minor thing compare to machining/planting while in the West, packaging must protect the quality status including surface finishing during transportation

1. The packaging plan must include in the manufacturing process.

2. Packaging must be inspected and approved before shipping.

Perfect, High-value goods become trash when arrived in the customer.

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